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Anaerobic 4 Through the Forest and Over the "Hump" Vancouver Island B.C.

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Shrouded by forests so thick, all directional awareness is gone. Take 5 steps off the road and you're lost inside a canvas of trees and green. With the exception of a few meadows and a few  waterside views, Vancouver Island is completely blanketed by 1000 year old Coniferous "big trees."

This ride explores the heart of the Island as we make our way from Port Alberni, up "the Hump," through MacMillan Park and into the coastal town of Qualicum.

Thanks to David for providing a trathelete's perspective on training and staying motivated during the audio narrative!

This is a fast paced ride as we work our way over the initial 1400' climb (the Hump) and then a nice fast paced descent back to the coast. This workout tests our anaerobic threshold and high cadence endurance as we spin our way 26 miles through the Canadian rainforest!

Hill Profile
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Video Details

Length 1:32:34 Training tools available  
Format NTSC Blu-Ray & DVD Heart rate yes
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio yes
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance yes
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence yes
Region NA Hill profile yes
Aspect 16x9 Heart rate profile yes
Resolution 1080i HD & 480i DVD Speed yes
Date created 02/03/2012 Elevation yes
Produced by BtBoP GPS map yes
Published by CVO Timer no
Copyright copyright 2012 CVO Coaching narrative yes


Hey David, sorry about taking so long to get this to you. The weekend was a bit hectic.
I have some ideas that I want to work towards for the narrative of this new video.
The video was filmed on Vancouver Island, Canada, is 1:33:00 in length and is a real butt kicker. I did a workout with it again (Sunday) and I'm still paying for it. It's a toughie! The last few minutes of the ride is tough to stay focused and motivated because "things" start hurting.
I want to use the narrative on this video to try and keep people motivated to complete the full workout. I don't want people quitting because they're hurting. I want to make it more painful for them to quit than to continue riding. I want to f*** with their minds! :)
I spent some time on your Facebook page learning about you and your interests and I think that the power of positive thought that you work towards would contribute to keeping people fired up.
Also, I think that with a teaching background and your ability to manage a classroom might provide some uses to keep people on task.
Typically the narrative begins with an introduction. I like to use this opportunity to let people get to know you and to like you.  I also like to use this as a means to promote an interest or business or charity. Something for you to think about.
At the very beginning of the video, I'd like to show a picture of you or a logo providing credit and appreciation for your help. If you have a picture you would like me to use, send me an email with a link to it or tell me which one to grab from Facebook or something.
With that said, the following is a script that we will refer to in order to keep the conversation going.

I'd like to welcome David to today's ride. Thanks David!
David teaches English Language Acquisition to refugee kids from all over the world. He's a family man with a wife and 2 kids, one boy and one girl and he still finds time to train for and race triathlons.
Other interests include_____________
Tell me a little bit about your job and family.
A triathlete is a unique breed of endurance junky. The ability to push beyond what is humanly possible requires a certain personality and mind set. Most think them crazy, like myself, but, for them, this unique kind of pain and physical trial is actually rewarding. I'm here today with David to find out more about what maintains motivation. What sick twisted personality is required to push yourself to the point of collapse and look back and say, "that was fun!"
David, tell me about the most challenging endurance event you have been through. Did you succeed?
What events in your life outside of endurance events pushed you to overcome pain?  Emotional, physical etc.
Tell me something about yourself that you find to be unique and different.
Why do you believe that this makes you different?
How do you suppose that this attribute evolved in yourself?
What is the importance of understanding uniqueness?  Why or how does it help you to push through?
Do these traits help in other areas of your life?
How does being an athlete give back more than is invested? How physical achievements, hardships, and training contribute to:
Inner strength
What is it about physical challenges that result in emotional rewards?
What is more motivating, the physical changes in strength, health or the emotional?
I submit that the emotional rewards or endurance sports has far greater impetus than the physical. We may want to be faster so we can win a race or keep up with our pals, we may want to lose weight to look good in the mirror, and we may want to improve our overall health, to stay fit and feel young, but what really drives us is the emotional satisfaction of the activity:
inner focus and peace
knowing ourselves
mind and body interface
To most endurance athletes, quitting is one of the most painful of all consequences to an endurance event.
Quitting implies failure and failure is more painful than physical pain
Have you ever wanted to quit? Have you ever actually quitted an event? How did you push through?
Quitting implies weakness. An inability to push your body beyond what it believes to be capable of may result in the undesirable understanding that you can't do it. If you say you can't or don't want to, you will always find a reason why not to.
Quitting implies that the body is stronger than the mind. How do your personal beliefs and or faiths contribute to winning this battle? 
Quitting implies dependency. When the body wins, the mind, the essence of who you are and your identity, is addicted to the body.  Like a junkie, you are dependent on what your body feeds you. When the mind wins over the body, you are in control of all aspects of your performance.
Quitting implies a loss of control. You are incapable of taking charge and following through with your goals. Assuming control and following through and performing to the highest expectations of yourself builds a completely new and unique personality.
Let's talk a little bit about training for triathlons.
How does your training strategy differ from your racing strategy?
How do you go about training? What techniques do you use? What program do you follow?
How important is goal setting wrt training?
How do you know you are ready for a race?
Explain pacing. What is pacing? How do you pace yourself for each event? What are threshold intensities? How do these apply to racing? What intensity do you use? Is it different for each event?
How important is it to maintain a consistent intensity over each leg? Have you ever bonked during a race? Why?
What is the warm up? How do you warm up? What intensity do you use during warm up? Why is this important?

This should keep us busy!

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