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Heart Health. The Valley Isle Roads of Maui

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Maui, around every corner lies a spectacular adventure. For every five miles traveled, the scenery changes and you feel like you are in a completely new place.
Heart Health, The Valley Isle Roads of Maui, explores 33 miles in an hour and 22 minutes. From a fast twisting descent down the Volcano to the Pacific Trade tailwinds, this ride cooks along at a good pace.
Like all Heart Health workouts, this video places emphasis on active recovery allowing us to go further, get fitter and have a blast! Design your own workout or, use the one that we have designed for you. The scenery is  inspirational either way!

Hill Profile
Mostly downhill
Effort Profile
Zone 2

Video Details

Length 1:22:00 Training tools available  
Format NTSC DVD Heart rate no
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio no
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance no
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence no
Region NA Hill profile no
Aspect 16x9 Heart rate profile no
Resolution NTSC Speed no
Date created 1/17/2012 Elevation no
Produced by BtBoP GPS map no
Published by Kunaki Timer no
Copyright copyright 2012 CVO Coaching narrative yes


Diet, mental health and fitness are all tied together. Web, without happiness, diet and fitness suffer, etc
Look at these 3 components from a cultural perspective to understand why we do the things we do and the cultural traditions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle
1. Culture and diet
a. how we eat / rituals
* price - here were tied into price = cheap fast food
* attitude towards food type and portion size
* subway
* no doggie bags
* school food - no fumes. Canned. e. hurried lifestyle
* butter vs olive oil
* convenience
* fast food
* 2 person family income. Cooking from scratch
. boxed foods - microwave ovens
. routine

2. Mental health
don't take things for granted (empathy) learn about other people - don't buy into selfish propaganda
appreciate your health - today is the 1st day of rest your life
setting goals - maintain realistic expectations and knowing that failure is acceptable.
* weight goals
* activity goals - century
* performance goals
* diet / food types
* group rides (social networking)
* work related
what in life will make you happy
- brainstorm and then select 3 most important goals
- create an action plan
- timeline
- what will your life be like? Visualization
Happiness / stress - Hurried lifestyle / driving / impatience
managing stress
+ change routine
+ sex
+ breathing / meditation
+ faith
+ looking forward to rewards
+ exercise
+ rest / downtime
+ friendship

3 Body (exercise prevention)
a. entertainment - TV / Comp
b. urban sprawl
* difficult not to drive
c. public transit (lack thereof)
d. working out -> excuse to be inactive for the rest of the day?
e.  Negative connotation to actual exercise - take this pill and you won't have to exercise
f. Media driven unobtainable body type
- insecurity vs motivation
g. auto centric roads / driving attitudes - how motorists perceive cyclists
h.  drive thrus
i. money driven = work over health
j. cost of fitness (better deals in the US if you know how to find them)
* gym membership = $$
* health food = $$
* equipment / clothes = $$
- prestige - do I need a $$ bike to ride in group?
h. the cost of health care and its perceived importance (insurance / doctors)
* do I want to risk injury?

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