Hi, my name is Paul, founder and owner of Cycling Videos Online. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn about my company.

In 2007, I came up with the idea to strap a camera to my bike and film some of my favorite local rides so I could play them back over the winter. I was using other training videos and after watching 2-3 times, I got really bored. You can only see the same classroom of people on their bike trainers so many times. It got old fast. So, I did what I planned, filmed my favorite rides and tried it out.

I was so disappointed! The video was shaky and the artifacts made it unwatchable. It seemed the $300 starter cam investment was down the toilet.  I thought perhaps the only solution was to make the bike mounted cam into a helmet cam. But, I hated helmet cam video. The image always moved and was so high it created  a unrealistic feel. I tried creating shock absorption camera mounts for the bike, but, nothing worked. I was about to give up.

During this time, I was finishing my last year at the School of Mines, University NV, Reno. Working through an engineering degree, I was comfortable with GPS, GIS and some AutoCAD and, in general a computer geek. I applied this knowledge to come up with a

viable solution to remove the shakes and jitters from the video as well as remove the artifacts like scan lines and digital noise. After months of exploration, Walla! I had an amazingly smooth video image that was clear.   
This was not enough.

I rode indoors using the videos and watched the scenery go by. It was pleasant, but, my capacity to workout at the same intensities while actually riding was stifled by simply being at home, in front of a TV. I could not motivate myself to bring my workout intensities up, that and I couldn't remember them either. So, I decided to add heart rate data  to the video in real time so as to synch with the actual ride. Thus began the first inclusion of the training tools dash.

A lot has changed since my earliest video. New improvements in video rendering, layout designs and new technologies are always being researched and implemented into the videos. You will see a progression of these improvements as you add more titles

to your collection.

But, some things don't change. I am and always will be a cycling enthusiast who enjoys riding, training and trading contributions with the cycling community. I have a sincere desire to help people improve their fitness, enjoy cycling and will help wherever I can in assisting you. Feel free to contact or email me with questions or just to chat about cycling.




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