Thanks Paul,

Yes, the DVD format works great on my computer and tv.  Nice stuff . . . hope you work some big deal with a company to make some big dough on this.  It’s on a par, if not better than the spinervals and others.  You scared the crap out of me on that downhill section of Colorado 1. . .whew.

Paul, I just want to let you know I love my tapes.  I just worked out to the Evergreen, CO. ride, and it made the time go by fast.  I must say you had me a bit concerned about how fast you were taking those descents. You should feel proud how well these are put together.
Hi Paul,
Sorry I couldn't respond yesterday.
Just send the DVD that I won, as is. I'm watching others and fully expect to be one of your customer fans.
Looking forward to something different and think your products will deliver that.
I couldn't stand it, I had to ride one of the rides! I did the Hill of South Anchorage, and it was awesome! I recognized a lot of places and really enjoyed the ride! I went harder in some places because I know how hard it is there but overall it is a great workout! I hope people will do what it says as far as heartrate and gears is concerned, you can make this work out as hard as you want to: your resistance unit (mine on the rollers) usually has 5 settings, so you can figure how hard it can get! It all depends on you!
Paul, I like what you did with the ride ( I loved it when you chased that SUV for a while!) Great stuff!!!!

Great videos! will buy more in the future! great seller

GREAT VIDEOS, makes riding more enjoyable! well put together.

good delivery of a good product by a good guy

I received the DVD! worth waiting for; best "road feel" of any on-the-road cycling DVD I've seen. The bar-mount camera gives a much better simulation of riding than the helmet cams.

I did the mountain biking DVD last night WITH the HRM and it definitely made me push myself harder.  My legs and butt are sore yet this morning~woo hoo!!!  I know you said no getting out of the saddle but I had to every once in a while.

Again, thanks for braving the elements.  That is a scary ride~rocks, snakes, scorpions, big spiders...NO THANKS!!!

3.4lbs lost this week!  Only 47 more to go!

I wouldn't ordinarily bother to follow up with someone, but since you asked...I have never been accused of having the same motivation and intensity in my training as say, a Lance Armstrong.  As such, my winter trainer rides usually fizzled out after 30 minutes or so. Since I received your DVD I am routinely riding at an hour per session and see the day coming when I do the entire 1.5 hour ride. (That is, after the old sit bones adjust to the new demands)  I just wanted to thank you because it is so much more entertaining than spinervals or other stuff I've seen.  I love all of the gear ratio/bpm/mapping information you have included!  I will be watching ebay to order more of your videos.
Thanks again,

They are amazing...


Thanks again Paul,

Another fine work of art.  This one really got my lactic acid going.  Keep up the good work.


Hi Paul,
I finally started working out this week and tried out the 45 minute Colorado dvd this evening.  My legs and butt are sore, which is awesome!!  I did not see the cycle positioning dude make an appearance.  HELLO~do you never get out of the saddle??!!  I had to cheat and hover a couple of times as my butt was killing me.
I forgot my HRM upstairs and can definitely see why you said I'd need one.  It will come in handy to make sure that I'm exerting myself to the levels shown on the DVDs. 
Thank you for taking your life into your own hands and riding on the roads that you did!!  I think I'll stick to the trails where I don't have to worry about speeding cars and no shoulders on the road!! 
I enjoyed being able to visualize where we were going vs. just listening to an instructor and the time really flew by. 

Thanks again and I'll update on the weight loss!



have you ever thought about doing a training video on say, the Alpe d'Huez, that an ordinary person can experience withouth having to buy a trainer that costs 2k?  Just a thought, I've looked for some but there just aren't any that I can find that don't require the TACX trainer, or the Real Axiom trainer.  By the way, I really have enjoyed the Colorado training rides, and am looking toward buying the Alaska series as well, I noticed they were listed on Ebay.


Hi Paul,
Received your DVDs yesterday (3/11) and tried out the Marin I disc. It's very well made and if the others are as good (and I'm sure they will be) I'm in for some great workouts. I commend you for the great production work you put into them. They got here in two (2) days! Thanks again for the great deal and the free shipping.

This morning I rode both DVD's and all I got to say is WOW you must be a stud. On the second DVD climb the only way I could match the h/r percentage was pull my biggest gear and keep the cadence around 65, it was a killer. I cannot get enough resistance from my trainer. (cycle ops mag)

  I am a big guy and I laughed when you were half way up the mile and what looked like a pretty big guy in the white jersey passed you and trucked up to the top, made me feel good for all the big guys. I have a couple of questions, imagine that. On the second DVD is it possible to turn off the music? (Yes) Not long after the second DVD starts did i see a guy on the right side of the road stopping to pee? (No)What DVD would you recommend next for my indoor training?


I have tried several training DVDs from various sources and was not really satisfied with any of them. I started doing some on-line research looking for the best product that fit my needs and came across your product. I checked the sample videos and they looked unique in that they provided a view of the road from the bike which gave me a feel that I was actually riding. I also liked the reference data provided on the screen which both gave me a wealth of information with which I could cmpare my performance and also provided a challenge to work harder. After trying the initial purchase,  I am ordering more. These videos are very well done and, in my opinion, take this type of cycle training video to the next level.

- John

Hi, Paul -

    I think that you should know that I had a PR with you the other day.  Andy (Hugh) and I did your Training to Climb; The Hills of Anchorage.  And I had my best time ever - not just on a trainer, but ever.  I know that I've gotten better over the winter thanks to riding with you.  Now - if I can just take it to the road!  Not too bad for a more ...... um....... "mature" and new rider!  Maybe I CAN do that MS 150!

    Thanks so much for helping me to get get stronger and better.



Thanks Paul! My husband loves your video and we just got another one. You do good work! Hope you are well! - Sandra

Thanks Paul, this will be my 4th DVD. Great product... Mike

Hey Paul:
You know I have to live my adventures through guys like you so have fun and when you post the video, maybe I will be in a position to get one.  I have been exposing all my friends and team mates to your videos and telling them where to get them.  Hopefully a few of them will as they need it!
I have been really enjoying the ones that I purchased.  Man you are pretty aggressive in the traffic but I like it!  I really enjoyed the “Laying down the Hammer” as that one is a great shorter one—actually a long one for me on the trainer inside.   I also like the 500 rider one from I think NM.  It is motivating to see the other riders albeit psychological as it is still inside.   I like the advantages of the raw footage too without the heart rate and sound but I also like to be able to use the tools on the screen for heart rate etc too when I am up for that.  I haven’t played with all of them enough to know if the raw footage is available on all but that was a great feature.
Someday, maybe I will get to ride in some of the scenery for real!
Have fun on the ride!


How was MOAB?  Good weather?
The weather is finally breaking here in NC.  We are not consistent just yet but I was outside three days this last week and must admit that my cardiovascular stamina was better than expected as a result of just a short time monitoring heart rate with your videos.
I was in sort of a slow build mentality, thinking that I would do a few short rides at about 10 miles each before slowly increasing the speed and distance.  However, I found myself running fairly hard at thirty miles with no residual fatigue following the rides.  I did ride alone for most of the rides but every now and then during would see somebody off in the distance to pursue and say hello.

- Jim


    We did the tour of Evergreen today starting at 5:45 AM!! Ugh!!  Our bikes are on trainers side by side so we can watch the DVD on  my laptop together.

    Anyway, when you (position dude) get up on the pedals, Betty gets up on the  pedals. She is blowing and going the whole hour. There is sweat all over the floor by her front wheel, and her sweat towel is soaked!    She is  maintaining a heart rate  of over 150 BMP 

    Every now and again she mutters some very bad things about you!!!!  ;-)

    Great videos, never the less. We really like them.  Thanks-

Dear Paul-

    WOW!! I am impressed with your stabilization, both as a mechanical engineer and also as a  very old Fortran IV programmer.   You are so correct that yours are the only videos that is taken from the perspective of being on the bike instead of in a chase car. That's what makes them so good and so special.

Enjoy Moab!  It will be spectacular.  A couple of other beautiful places in the 4 corners area are Canyon de Chelly  and Mesa Verde National Park.

Thanks again for a great product. 
The Best Virtual Bike Training Video Period, December 23, 2009
I have purchased several of the virtual reality videos from "Behind the Bars with Paul" and this is by far the "Very Best Virtual Trainer Workout Video Ever". The workout is plenty long enough and the heart and legs feel it big time. The virtual reality of the ride brings you into the ride and you can forget you are not actually out on the road. If you use the heads up information that is supplied on the screen and keep it honest, this workout will kick your butt. This video climbs until your legs fall off and your heart is pounding out of your chest. I would highly recommend any of Paul's videos wanting a great way to workout or just get in some indoor miles
Another great ride with Paul, this time from Durango, CO to Farmington, NM in a large group ride. I often caught myself reacting on my trainer to the actions of the bikers in the video - they stand, I stand. Unfortunately, when they are descending, I'm still pedaling and am never quite able to keep up with their speed. This is a great video if you like to get the feel of riding with other people. Depending on how closely you follow the on-screen information, it can be a very relaxed easy spin or a killer workout where sweating buckets is quite easy. It's nice to not have some coach with a stopwatch yelling at you, since you sure don't have those when you're on the road. Understanding the graphics on the screen that Paul uses is easy once you get used to the displays. Having lived in the Farmington/Durango area it was a thrill to see how much it has changed since we were last there.
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
They didn't call this "Training to Endure!" for nothing. This is a tough, long ride through beautiful mountain scenery. I tried it without music this time and still had no trouble staying motivated. There is helpful information on the screen including a navigational map to show you where you've been, where you are, and where you still have left to go. The scenery was still viewable even with the information on the screen. There is an introductory section that you can watch first to help you interpret all the information on the screen or you can just jump right in and wonder what it all means. I got a great workout and look forward to the next one.
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